Eight Tips Of Good Parenting

Most parents struggling one question, how to raise a child, and raise it to grow into a healthy, smart and happy person. Here are a few useful, practical and simple tips on how to teach a child what’s right, and what’s not.

1.) You are the child’s role model
First you have to know is that everything you do a child thinks it’s right. So if you eat a junk food or not enough physical activity the child will do the same thing.

2.) Good sleep
Let your child sleep at least 8 hours. Children who sleep less then 8 hours were more likely to gain weight, because the body begins to secrete hormone cortisone, which promotes fat storage.

3.) Do not force your child to eat
If you do, the child will eventually eat more than he needs, he will not know to listen his body, and can lead to obesity.

4.) Healthy eating
If your child want chocolate, first convince him to eat some fruit, so it will bring some vitamins, and will not be able to eat a lot of chocolate.

5.) Not reward children with money
If you do this, the child will learn that the any work they will get a reward, that is not always the case. It is normal to help in some chores because he is an equal member of family.

6.) Activity
When it reaches a certain age, let him choose a sport alone. It is good for a body, but for the mind, as it will be in contact with peers

7.) Answer to every child’s question
If you avoid answering the specific question, child will certainly interpret it in their own way, what may be wrong.

8.) Independence
Do not forget to encourage your child to make friends, when the child grows up to be easier to fit into society.



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The Parents Area

BHS ParentsGood Parenting.

Not only are you responsible for the decision that you make in your own life but also the ones that you make for the children. Caring for children did not come with an instruction manual or a how to list. However, after many years of studies there are some area’s we can focus on the make it easier. You have to keep in mind that no child is the same so not every suggestion will work. You have to find what helps with that child’s needs. Below are 8 tips that can be used to help. These are tips that I use on my own children.